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lLearn to make coffee and tea, Venetian style: Delicious summer and winter drinks the way we make it in Venice. And you’ll discover the unique Venetian decorating style, which is often enhanced by carefully chosen flower and greenery arrangementS (another forgotten part of Venice heritage we’re so happy to share here!

For this secret space for our readers, I chose images of the interior of one of my favorite coffeehouses in Venice. I love going there, for a relaxing tea in the late morning. Whenever I need a break, or even for a business meeting or one with friends.

Just take a look at its fine, relaxing, even verdant atmosphere. In the summer, we love to sit on the terrace immersed in verdant shrubs, shielded from the parching sun by huge white parasols and surrounded by white and pink oleander blossoms and the white fragrant gelsomino (jasmine).