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You Know it’s Autumn in Venice when …

The afternoon of October 1st in Venice felt like a warm day in April, yet there’s a striking difference. Mornings are colder and very bright in autumn while on foggy days, colors become blurred and look rather pastel.


In this post we are sharing our nine favorite impressions of autumn in Venice and a few Slow Travel tips. Actually, it’s not easy for me to write this on a day which looked like summer :-) yet we’re in for a change in the season. You can see it and you can smell it. The air feels sharper and sometimes a breeze of cold wind hits all of a sudden.

Then one sunny morning in October, you notice how the temperature has dropped sharply, making you long for spicy morning coffee or our staple crostata alle mandorle e cardamomo – cardamom-almond grape cake.

A few days ago, GoEuro published their article Twenty Insider Tips for Things to Do in Venice. Here you can find wonderful tips for a trip to Venice provided by travel bloggers, amongst them  OG Venice Travel Guide,  Monica Cesarato  and us !!


#1 Expect mood swings Autumn days often start out bright and calm yet rather cold. You notice how the temperature drops sharply in the morning while noon may feel like a mild summer day. As October progresses, more days will start foggy. By November, the light starts fading and the colors of the sea and sky turn pale. Yet the water will take on a special sparkle on a calm November day.


#2 What you need to know about acqua alta stagionale You can notice that the passarelle are back in town. I mean the wooden planks you can see in most parts of Venice and in particular in Piazza San Marco. They are used to walk on during exceptionally high tides (acqua alta). October through February you must expect acqua alta during the New and Full Moon and the days immediately before and afterwards. Learn why acqua alta occurs and how to predict it in our little guide Venice and the Moon.


#3 Dressing up for the season :-) From the first days of October, chrysanthemum, in particular the white and yellow blossoming plants and cyclamen  appear in the flower stores and gardens. Would you like to see our garden in early fall ?  Click here to take a glimpse.


#4 All about breakfast in autumn Coffee in the morning is a must. We love flavoring it with invigorating spices like cardamom. We also make spice cakes for breakfast that are delicious and healthy at the same time (soon online in our Recipe Section).


#5 Discover flamboyant markets and spicy squash soup The markets in Venice offer everything I need to make our velvet squash soup, the local squash variety zucca marina di Chioggia and flamboyant citrus fruit. Tangerines from southern Italy are usually first to arrive at the markets. Tangerines trees also grow in Venice, my family harvest them in November.


#6 Enjoy Halloween-colored nights Don’t expect Indian Summer in Venice yet. Amongst the first trees whose foliage turns golden are the fig tree but there’s no hint of that as of now. Don’t be misled by the pictures, we do get calm and balmy evenings even in autumn, so perfect to enjoy candlelight dinner in the garden.


#7 Taste pistachio dreams Perhaps autumn is the ideal time for the culinary heritage of Venice to unfold. Freshly harvested almonds, raisins, pistachios and similar products were used for more than 1,400 years in Venice to make cakes, in addition to almond flour, rose water and flower essences. We recommend that you taste pistachio cake like the one you can see below in a pastry store on Strada Nova, Pasticceria Dal Mas.


#8 Street Food Time In October, we notice that some street food vendors turn from ice-cream parlor to selling hot chocolate and even pancakes. Venetians love street food yet it’s not encouraged to eat on the street. An exception is the Autumn Fair during the Festa della Salute taking place next to the Basilica on 21 November.


#9 Enjoy golden green colors and the quiet Lagoon We went on a trip to Burano in late September, on a day that started out like summer and all of a sudden turned autumn at noon. We’ll be back telling you more about this trip next week !


23 responses to “You Know it’s Autumn in Venice when …”

  1. mvaden1948 Avatar

    Some clementines are showing up in the markets here but they really aren’t good before November. They are my favorite fruit and always make me think of my Decembers in Venice!

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      True, clementines belong to fall and winter in Venice. There are still some in March and lots of other citrus fruit from southern Italy ripening in March and April.

  2. Stefania Bufano Avatar

    Reblogged this on Make Italy Yours.

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Ciao Stefania, grazie di cuore !!!! Un caro saluto da Venezia, Iris

      1. Stefania Bufano Avatar

        Ciao Iris, ma grazie di cuore a te! Un caro saluto, Stefania

      2. furbiziahs Avatar

        Grazie Stefania, a presto!!

      3. Stefania Bufano Avatar

        A presto, Iris!

  3. squerovecio Avatar

    Nice post, Iris! I’m waiting for it to be continued with some more things to do… you know, Saturday the 1st in the early morning we experienced the first real fog of the year, heading for Torcello for our Vogamagnada. Then the sun came out, and almost a summer day it was! Enjoy our Venice, bye Riccardo

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Ciao Riccardo, sono felice di incontrarti su WordPress !!! Ho trovato il vostro bellissimo sito web solo qualche tempo fa ed è un grande piacere seguirvi !! Che bellissima giornata per la vostra Vogamagnada! A presto, un caro saluto, Iris

  4. The Slow Pace Avatar

    What a wonderful post! I have to admit that those final days of Autumn are my favoruite in Venice! The fog in November makes the city even dreamier!

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Thank you !! I also love the final days of November with the fog and pearl-colored skies on a sunny morning. Sometimes a November day seems like early spring.

  5. An Englishwoman in Italy Avatar

    You have brilliantly evoked a Venetian autumn. Thank you!

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Thank you so much! 💐

  6. Food in Books Avatar

    How lovely. I’ve only ever been to Venice in the spring and summer, but the autumn looks especially wonderful. The colors of the sky, the canal, and especially the food, make it very tempting. This is a marvelous post! I wish I were there in La Serennissima right now.

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Autumn in the Lagoon, at least in September and October, looks like late summer :-) November is different, so color diafano – milky colored ! Thank you dear Vanessa, I’m very happy that you like the article !! Best regards, Iris

  7. foodinbooks Avatar

    Looks like heaven on earth. Must be Venice in autumn! Wonderful post, and the food looks divine!

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Thank you dear Vanessa!! We love using blossoms, also in fall!! That’s why we use dried orange-gold-blue blossoms recalling summer :-)

  8. Caroline Avatar

    Where the is the “Love” button for this post?! Merely hitting “Like” doesn’t seem sufficient.

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Thank you so much dear Caroline !! Autumn is so colorful here, the food is great. Vegetables, fruit, herbs … love the mild yet humid autumn breezes.

  9. Nicca Avatar

    Ciao Iris che bel post ! Complimenti! L autunno veneziano è meraviglioso … intendo il vero autunno fine ottobre e novembre con la nebbia e a volte l acqua alta ! E grazie per la torta di pistacchio della pasticceria Dal Mas … una vita che non la mangio!! .. che nostalgia! In gennaio quando torno sarà la prima cosa che faccio!! … e se vuoi sei mia invitata! Continua così col tuo bellissimo blog. Cari saluti. Nicca Vignotto

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Cara Nicca, grazie di cuore! Vero, l’autunno è ancora piu’ bello in novembre con i colori pallidi e la nebbia fitta ☺ adoro la pasticceria Dal Mas, sarebbe bellissimo incontrarci qui quando torni a Ven

    2. furbiziahs Avatar

      A presto cara Nicca e cari saluti! Iris

      1. Nicca Avatar

        Ci incontreremo! Promesso! Carissimi saluti a te! Nicca

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