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WELCOME TO VENICE KIT is our gift to you! This is a 25-page eguide (pdf) and 10-page workbook. Helping you “customize” your visit according to three recurring themes.  In a nutshell, we would like to support you in discovering how a visit to Venice can be highly rewarding to you personally. We have collected 58 resources on how to prepare and make the most of your visit.  

This is the view you get just before your plane is landing at Marco Polo Airport. You can make out Venice in the upper right corner of the picture above. We chose this picture to give you a first impression of the water world that is surrounding her. It’ s a unique ecosystem consisting of both salt and fresh water areas, a secret paradise for growing delicious food that you can buy at the markets in town. yet the cradle of food as  we know it today in Europe. Preserving the Lagoon also has an interesting side effect on us: it teaches a lot about sustainable and a self-sufficient life style and food culture !

Here's what you'll get in your Welcome Kit:

  • TRAVELING VENETIAN, EGUIDE + WORKBOOK designed to help you plan + organize your trip. Take it with you to Venice or use it as a resource to discover Venice at home. It also contains our personal travel tips, a shopping and gift guide and useful printables and links.
  • Access to LA SPEZERIA, our Venice Food and Spice Atelier's Library. Content upgrades, printables, gifts and recipes for subcribers only.
  • POSTCARD FROM VENICE, our monthly Lifestyle Newsletter + Culinary Venice Magazine. It contains seasonal news from Venice, culinary trends, links to Venice-related books, blogs and the latest travel insights.
  • A virtual CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM VENICE for you! This is a surprise and will be sent to via email in December :-)
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