Venice For Beginners and First-Time Visitors

We have created a Welcome Kit 2019 and Travel Planner for Your Visit to Venice!


A Free Beginner's Guide to Venice, Brought to you by a Venetian Family

There are eight themes along which you can visit Venice, just like any other city. Still, if you don’t know the city well, or if this is your very first visit, covering all these topics will most likely be overwhelming. You can’t take a city, almost 2,400 years old, in a stride!

This is why your Welcome Kit contains those, They will help you shape your first impressions, and will guide you firther in those areas you would like to learn more about. So, we start with a dream day in Venice, the Shopping, Food + Gift Guide, two articles about Venice and the Lagoon, and a cheat sheet to tell you how to deal with acqua alta (high tides flooding parts of the city, especially during autumn and winter).

Design Your Dream Day in Venice, Shopping + Food Guide, + Acqua Alta Cheat Sheet

Your Welcome Kit Covers Two Essential Topics for Beginners:

#1 Introducing venice

Get to know Venice in this short guided tour, consisting of three short lessons, which include a video to shape your first impression!

Estimated preparation time: 1 hour

  • Introducing Venice from the Venetian Perspective
  • Visual Welcome to Venice (Video)
  • Venice for First-Time Visitors (Article)
  • The Lagoon of Venice for First-Time Visitors (Article)
  • BONUS: How Deep is the Lagoon (Video)

#2 Basic venice guide + travel tips

Part Two contains 3 downloads (2 ebooks, 1 pdf), and a list to more resources on Venice, for you to gain in-depth knowledge on our city.

Estimated preparation time: 1.5 hours

  • Arriving and Getting Around in Venice + Hotel Guide!
  • Your Dream Day in Venice: Food Trends and Guide 2019
  • BONUS: Acqua Alta Help Guide
  • Links and Books to further explore Venice
  • BONUS: Slow Hosts: Venice Hotel Guide

Shape Your First Impression of Venice


An Essential Framework to Visiting Venice for Beginners

This Welcome Kit is for you if you are planning to visit Venice for the first time. It also works for you if you don’t know the city very well, or if you haven’t been here for several times. This kit is not a comprehensive guide to exploring Venice in all her facets, but it contains everything that we, a Venetian family active in the hospitality business since 1945, would like to share with you, to help you plan and enjoy your visit right from the start.

For it is true that your first visit, or the early ones, do shape your impression of this city. For this reason, we’d love to help you make your stay rewarding, explain the basic facts of Venice to you, which are seldom covered in travel guides, so you can discover the real Venice and start exploring our city right away.

Let me do all the heavy work so you can just savor every moment with your loved ones on your big day.

Around the same time whilst researching Venice’s lagoon online, I was delighted to come across the beautiful and evocative La Venessiana blog/website. Set up by Venetian resident Iris Loredana, it shares seasonal family recipes for Venetian food and perfumes and celebrates the seasons and secret places of the city and lagoon. One post particularly fascinated me, giving little-known (to me) facts and background on the islands of the lagoon and the lagoon itself. For instance, I had no idea that the sea lavender that I love to paint on the north Norfolk coast also grows on some of the quiet lagoon islands (plus many more unexpected and interesting connections and resonances for me between the saltmarshes of Norfolk and Venice). Recommended reading for anyone with an interest in authentic Venice and her environs.”

Ready to Start Planning your Perfect Stay In Venice?

The Welcome Kit is organized as library, easy-to-navigate and home to all downloads and articles. The link below takes you to the sign-in page. From this page, you can download all your materials on Venice.

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