We Love and Support

What do we love about Venice – above all, it’s warm relationships. Life in the floating city with its little highlights every day and so many corners to (re-)discover !! We also love the small initiatives making life so worth living. Many of these are little known so we would like to present two ideas of making life better for humans and animals in Venice.

Caffé Sospeso

Ordering  due caffé  at the counter of a caffé-bar, you drink one and dedicate the other cup to an unknown person, who is currently not able to afford buying one himself / herself. Caffé Sospeso is an initiative originating in Naples.

Dingo Venezia

Dingo Venezia supports the approx. 400 homeless cats in Venice, the Lagoon and the Estuary.

Please stay tuned – we will update this page regularly, and will also add blog posts describing these two beautiful  initiatives in detail !!