COVID-19: Venice Travel and Health Information

Ospedale Civile, Foto: Simone Venturini – Comune di Venezia

Update 10/15/ 2020

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Updates on the Corona virus outbreak in Italy and the Venice Region

On 18 May 2020, shops in Venice, plus restaurants and breakfast bars re-opened after 10 weeks of strict lockdown. Stricter measures to prevent contagion were re-introduced by the Italian government on 7 October 2020.

Due to restrictions as to the number of guests and tables allowed in a restaurant / bar, opening times and services may be limited. Shops also limit the number of clients, and in some cases, only one person is allowed to enter. You will need to wear a mask on the street, inside shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes (exception only when seated at your table).

The Corona crisis is far from over in Italy, as you can find out from the numbers in the links below (please scroll for details). For example, more than 7.300 new infections were reported in Italy on 15 October, with a rising trend and further, stricter measures ahead. In Venice, a cluster of currently 141 people has been registered.

Regarding international travel, Italy announced to open borders on 3 June 2020 for tourists. Regional restrictions may return, as autumn / winter 2020 approaches.

As this outbreak is not over, several online initiatives to help Italy, the Veneto and Venice during the worst situation since 1630 (outbreak of the bubonic plague) have been set up. We are sharing the ones we trust below. Each of them is confirmed, run by people we know, and is also supported by the local newspapers La Nuova Venezia and Il Gazzettino. In addition, we share the general link to donate to the Italian Red Cross.

Thank you so much for taking a look, and for your support which can save lives !!!!!!

1. Links to donate to Italian Hospitals and the Italian Red Cross

2. Information on the Corona Outbreak in Venice and Italy.

Links to useful sites (please check often for updates):

WHO European Office: What is also interesting to know is that the European department of the WHO (World Health Organization) is located at the Venetian hospital!

Local emergency number