Flood Relief

Flood Relief – Acqua Granda

12-17 Novembre 2019


Between 12-17 November 2019, Venice was hit by the worst flooding in history, only comparable to the devastations of 1872. This episode was worse than in 1966: Within four days, three floods > 160 cm hit the city and the Lagoon islands. Below, we are sharing links to private intiatives if you would like to help. Our list is updated several times a day as we add new initiatives.

Duri i Banchi

Support for families in Venice, by venessia.com

Caritas Venezia

Support for people in Venice who lost their homes

Church of Venice

Donations collected by the Patriarch of Venice

Libri sommersi: Donate a book to Libreria Acqua Alta

Private initiatives and funding campaigns

Querini Stampaglia


Dal Nono Colussi


Claudia Corò


Support for Venetian artists – launched by Marisa Convento