• Venetian #winter sparkles, seen from the #rialtomarket fish market, right behind me.. 🌊❄🌊 #canalgrande 
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Il #canalgrande a mezzogiorno
Noon on the Grand Canal, so quiet in January 🌊🍂
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  • Our ❤ #Venice in silver mood
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to be continued 🍂
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  • The mauve dusk in #winterinvenice ⭐🌚⭐
If you keep walking across the bridge in the background, you'll be exploring a favorite shortcut of mine, leading from #lemercerie towards Campo San Luca 
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  • #Epifania2018 #gennaioavenezia
Glossy waters ❄❄❄ this is #januaryinvenice and we're stopping here for a moment, enjoying the view from the #rialtomarket 
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  • Raccontando la città 🍅🍝🍊🍲🎁 nel 2018 #venezia 
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Grazie di ❤❤❤
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  • January deep blue skies over #Venice, illuminated by a soft rose-golden glow 🌟⭐🌟 Buona Epifania da #Venezia 🌠
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Camminando sotto la pioggia d'oro in #piazzasanmarco
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  • Ultima foto per #2018 tbt Festa della Salute, 21 Novembre 2018. 
My favorite day in #2018 ❤⭐🌟⭐
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Venice heritage course

TELLING THE STORY OF VENICE FROM SCRATCH. Our signature online course is a full immersion into Venetian history, culture, identity and language, produced and written by a Venetian family.  It’s the basis for our upcoming online courses on culinary culture and Venetian spice secrets. and culinary culture, told by Venetians. Rediscovering ancient know-how, the role and function. And the ancient language of Venice. Did you know that she had three official languages?  there’s an incredible number of books, articles and insights written on Venice, researched and visually told by exc


Telling the Story of Venice from Scratch, in a Καφενείο. and how to benefit from Venice on a personal level (yes, that’s possible, and it’s an exclusive insight into Venetian life). 
This is an easy-to-navigate online course, a full-immersion environment complete with ebooks, downloads, videos, little gifts, quizzes and assignments. By enrolling in this course, you get a solid foundation on the ancient strengths of Venice, and 38 untold stories. YOu get an easy-to-use framework to learn more about Venice from there, in any field you choose. And how to benefit from forgotten Venetian heritage in your own life.  to learn more about Venice, like history, culinary heritage, architect. The basic know-how on Venice is written in Venet, Latin and Greek. In our course, we bridge the gap between past and present, and help you see Venice as a whole, while giving you insights into history, culinary culture, politics, and moreA


Bridging the Gap between Venetian views. Information about Venice does not suffice. We need to know the ancient strengths of Venice, which could benefit all of us in our personal lives. See how Venice can help you achieve … But first, you need to know the basics. This is why we created the Venetia – Venice Heritage Course.


What if you could

get the tools to create your own Venice experience, based on in-depth knowledge of the (hi)story of Venice, and her role and ancient function in Europe. Get access to a Venetian family, with experience in the hospitality business in Venice since 1945, who looks forward to answering your questions on Venice. Support social causes in Venice in an efficient manner (30 per cent of proceeds from the online courses go to Venetian associations such as Onlus (Helping Venetian people in difficulty, Dingo (caring for homeless cats in Venice), Caffé Sospeso (giving coffee), etc.

WE HAVE GOT AN INVITATION FOR YOU. ntroducing Venice & Telling the Story of Venice from Scratch

It took us four years to accumulate and prepare this course, based on a lifetime experience of life in Venice, by Lina, and in-depth know-how on Venetian , by Iris. 32 stories, 18 videos, presentations, e-books, downloads and a Venice Library. Plus, lifetime access to all future updates, a welcome gift, and direct access to us, to help you plan your personal trip to Venice, or any question you may need to be answered.
  • Lifetime Access to all future updates, including our Venice Library
  • A special online guide designed for slow travelers by Lina, which includes discovering Venice in seven itineraries and along three themes.
  • This course is the first course on Venetian heritage, foundation to understand our future online courses and ebooks, dedicated to exploring and benefiting from Venetian historical recipes to benefit from herbs, blossoms, and spices for delicious food,
  • A mini-Venet course: Would you like to learn a few words in Venessián (Venet)?

curriculum: 4 modules, 32 Lessons, 4 bonuses, 2 gifts

This is a completey self-paced course, which means that you can start the course at any time suitable to you. As your hosts, we want to ensure you really benefit and enjoy your course! You get life-time access and we are also available to answer any question you have, with 24 hours.
  • ROADMAP TO VENICE: Hello from Iris and Lina | A Little Gift for You | Getting the Most from this Class | Your Framework for Exploring and Understanding Venice | Venice Wish List | Modern Views on Venice: Trends, Ideas, Tourism | Ancient Views on Venice: Venus, Mars, and a Special Birthday | Marco Polo's Stone: Venice Seen Through The Eyes of Children | Egyptian Beauties: Cats in Venice
  • VENESSIA - VENETIA - Βενέτσια: Splendid Venice Video Portrait | Venice: Maps, Roles, Heritage | Home of Venetian Immaterial Heritage: Archivio di Stato | Venice, the Diplomat and Mediator | Venice, the Pioneer and Financier | Why did the Republic of Venice cease to exist? | Salvatore Settis: Crisis and Perspectives for Venice | Introducing Venessian, the Ancient Language of Venice | Venessián for Beginners | Historical Recipe 1: Coffee, Ancient Venetian Style | Historical Recipe 2: The Velvet Cardamom Cake
  • SLOW VENICE GUIDES: Seven Seas and Venice Myths | Seven Itineraries and Three Themes: Lina's Venice Guide | Environmental Guide to the Lagoon | Venetian Botanical Heritage | Culinary Heritages and Spices | Venetian Alchemy | More Resources: Practical Tips and Online Guides | Acqua Alta: What It Is, and When (not) to Expect It
  • VENICE SECRETS: Books for Slow Travelers 1: The Three Tenets of Life in the Lagoon | Books for Slow Travelers 2: The Venetian Choice | Historical Book Stores in Venice | Venetian Voices, Poveglia and The Lion | The Lonely Candle in the Doge's Palace | Supporting Venice: Ten Easy Ways for Residents and Visitors | Responsible Hosts and Hotels in Venice | L'Estate di San Martino: Venice Heritage Menu | Self-Sufficient Lagoon and Urban Gardening | Link to the Venice Library

“32 stories, videos, recipes, & surprises! Written & produced by La Venessiana, a magical & instructive journey into Venetian culture & identity. An imaginative  sustainable solution to support Venice.”

JoAnn Locktov | Dream of Venice / Bella Figura Publications

THis course is the basis for you to
discover Venice on your own,
and the framework on which our upcoming
culinary online courses and ebooks are based.

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about your course

Untold Stories and Secret Itineraries. Historical Recipes and a Lush-Green Garden Atelier. Welcome to our Online Courses on Venice, Hosted and Told by a Venetian Family!

The course is autumn and soul food themed, as we opened doors on 12 October 2018. In addition to the 32 lessons, you will find little gifts and bonuses in the course, like a Venetian Heritage Menu, consisting of historical recipes using spices to enhance health. A preview of our upcoming culinary retreats and online courses, Venetia – Venice Heritage Course, our signature course, provides the base knowledge on Venice you need to have to fully benefit from the other courses.

This is for you if...

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How you will benefit...

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  • Phasellus porta velit vitae nunc cursus, non sagittis nisl ullamcorper. Sed facilisis purus ac orci porta gravida.
  • Vestibulum sed ultrices felis. Quisque faucibus orci sit amet enim aliquam fringilla ut eu dui. Morbi vitae vestibulum justo.

If you ever wished to see Venice through Venetian eyes,
we invite you to join us in this virtual time-out in Venice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a travel guide? How long does it take to complete the course?

Our Venice courses are designed for slow travelers, everyone who loves Mediterranean food and would like to really get to know our city from the Venetian point of view.

These courses have been designed carefully, in fact, they have been in the making since 2014 and will be updated twice a month, to ensure you receive the best and up-to-date learning materials.

In a virtual retreat, we invite you to discover a particular part of Venice (our neighborhood, Castello), while taking an online Venetian cooking course. Virtual retreats are designed to take three days, so you can enjoy them during your weekend!

How long will it take me to complete this course?
Our Venice Heritage Course takes about 5 hours to complete. If you wish to dive into the materials we have included for you to go through, it might take somewhat longer :-) 

When do the courses start? Will you be available if I have questions?
Our courses and retreats are completely self-paced, so you can enrol and start any time. If you have questions during your course, we will be available, and you will be able to reach us via email!

What do I pay for and how does it work?
You receive life-time access to this course and to our growing Venice Heritage Library. Library and course will be updated on a monthly basis with more and seasonal materials.

You can access your course in a two-step sign in process: Create your account, and after payment, you receive access to the course and all its materials immediately..

How long will I have access to my online course?
You receive life-time access to all courses, materials and virtual retreats you have booked.

I live in Venice. Does it make sense to enrol in the course?

It does! Even in Venice, we have forgotten so much about our real heritage. What we share on this blog has been carefully collected by Lina and me, and Lina starting back in 1945! For the time being, our courses are available only in English, for they have a strong slow traveling component, and we need to reach as many users as possible.

Can I give a course as a gift?
Yes, from November 2018, you will also be able to purchase our courses as gift. You will receive a one-time gift code to pass on to the person you wish to give the gift to. And of course, we’ve got a little thank-you surprise for you!

“La Venessiana has created an exceptional Venetian experience. Her new Venice Heritage Course is filled with intimate knowledge about the culture, language & identity of Venice. It is a brilliant solution that is both sustainable and life enriching.” 

JoAnn Locktov | Dream of Venice – Bella Figura Communications

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