Valentine’s Day Treat – A Venice Lifestyle Video

We’ve been fans of the Venizavion video series since summer 2014 ! Back then, their first video was voted “most beautiful” by the readers of the Venetian daily Il Gazzettino (watch this video here). and the readers of the other Venetian dailies, offline and online, like Venezia Today and La Nuova Venezia, followed suit.

While part 1 of the video series takes you around Piazza San Marco (the former political center of Venice) and the Rialto (the former commercial center) with breathtaking pictures from above, in part 2, the drone flies along the Grand Canal.
All videos show Venice on an early summer Β morning, but each has a different focus.

We call Part 3 of this video series the “Venice Lifestyle Video”. In my opinion, this is the most intimate view you can get of our town.

First, the drone flies very low across gardens and along calli in the very early morning when Venice is almost empty. This gives you the opportunity to “trespass” into private Venetian space. Contemplate flower beds and flowery windows and really take in a golden summer morning. Much needed views in late winter, just take a look :-)


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