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The secret to life in Venice is that “we really, really love celebrating :-) We love food and cooking. Gardens. Books. Feasts. Hande-made dishes. Afternoon strolls. Ombra. It’s life in our slow city. Click here to read more about Venetian life in our Blog Post Series “Venice for Beginners”

Have more questions on Venice ? Check out My Venice where I take you around my neighborhood during my favorite season (spring), and have a look at our Venice FAQs Page

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  1. Introducing Venice and our lifestyle
  2. Why is the Lagoon so important for the existence of Venice
  3. About the Venetian spice gardens
  4. The forgotten secrets of Venetian cosmetics, natural remedies and perfumery
  5. Introducing the Venetian food culture
  6. A sea of spices, coffee and chocolate
  7. Slow rituals, outlook, the future and the (Venetian) wisdom of life
  8. Further reading & useful links