How to capture the heart of Venetians

Quando la turista dice ti canto una canzone .. enjoy this video that has captured the heart of the Venetians – and believe me, this almost never happens :-) Just because this time, it’s not the gondolier but the tourist singing in the gondola. Tourists singing for Venice and the Venetians. A video taken on 21 August 2023, when it was really really hot in Venice, a torrid afternoon, and the city was very crowded.

This is a video posted by the mother of the gondolier, and shared by our neighbor, and it has received an incredible number of likes by Venetians on Facebook (more than 1340 likes). And beautiful comments such as Il turismo che Venezia merita – this is the kind of tourism that we want for Venice.

Despite summer, when Venice is very crowded in the afternoon. A gondola gliding slowly along Rio di San Severo, coming from the direction of the favorite restaurant Luna Sentada, and then turning right into Rio de l’Osmarin. After the bridge that you can see in the video, the canal is called Rio di San Provolo. We’re about five minutes east of Piazza San Marco.

My neighborhood, so I just had to show you this.

Rio de l’Osmarin

Rio de l’Osmarin

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