Torta scaccia-caigo – our cardamom velvet cake

If you looked at the weather forecast for Venice during the last few days, you may have seen that cooler weather was coming into town. Spells of rain and acqua alta at full moon, so resonating with the new exhibition on Acqua Granda (recalling the exceptional high tide of November 1966).

Let’s first start by showing you what the cake’s purpose is: Helping you accomodate to cooler weather. You can see by the colors that fall has finally arrived in Venice.

They look so beautiful, I just had to share them with you, pictures are taken by a Venetian friend and posted on her Instagram. Here’s even the island Poveglia during an autumn storm. This is the magic Lagoonscape in fall.

Even though October mornings can look “warm” and a bit like summer, they do have a cooler feel than September. When you leave the house early in the morning you find the air is moist and if you are lucky, the sun wins the battle with the fog. It meansans that the odd sun ray reaches your face and makes for very special light ..

This in-between season calls for special food and ingredients. This is where cardamom comes in.

Cardamom belongs to the ginger family, native in India and neighboring countries. It has a peppery- liquorice-aniseed-like smell and taste, harmonizing with the lemon juice in the cake recipe.


I suggest you accompany your cake with a fine cup of cardamom-flavored cappuccino on a a cool October morning. Instead of cardamom, you could also use cinnamon or liquorice, both for the cappuccino and the cake.

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