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The Real Origins of Carnival in Venice

Celebrating Carnival in Venice goes back to the year 1094, celebrated for the first time on 25 October. The meaning of Carnival for our town is not connected to the usual Latin interpretation of carnem levare which only applies to the Martedì grasso.  That was a public holiday in Venice too, officially celebrated during the times of the Serenissima.

Carnevale interior styling

What was the purpose of such a – prolonged – or in that case, anticipated – Carnival, and what’s the difference between Carnevale di Venezia and carnival celebrated in neighboring countries? Why has the Venetian Carnival become so famous during the times of the Republic of Venice and is there any resemblance between historical Carnival editions and ours  today ?

These are topics that have always fascinated me. When I was doing research for my master thesis at university, rather as a “by-product”, I came across many documents that described the original purpose and concept of Carnival.

Did you know that fritole (frittelles) were the Venetian National Dish, eaten mostly in winter (it’s a heavy pastry for cold weather).

I learned that what we know as “Carnival in Venice” today is different from what the Feast was like until 1797, as long as the Serenissima Republic existed.

Today, the purpose of Carnival is to organize a feast, partly recalling the ancient traditions of Venice, promoting Venetian shops, artists and artisans (in particular with this year’s motto of Arti e Mestieri) and to attract clients (= visitors). During the times of the Republic of Venice, the purpose of organizing Carnival was to avoid public unrest in the city of Venice !!  It did work – there was no such thing as civil unrest with one exception in 1310 (Bajamonte Tiepolo uprise – read here).  In the Venice of the 11th century, it became a custom that people wearing masks were considered “equal”. No class differences  were made between nobles and common citizens as long as everyone was behaving well.

For about nine months of the year, Carnival was celebrated, masks and feasts became a daily sight. Venetian lifestyle. From October until mid-June, with brief interruptions for religious festivities,  people were allowed to wear masks. A Carnevale tutto vale – in Venice it meant that you were free from any form of inequality.


3 responses to “The Real Origins of Carnival in Venice”

  1. ChgoJohn Avatar

    Thank you for the history lesson. I’d no idea that Carnival’s roots went back so far, although I did know about fritole. That says more about me than anything else. :)

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      You are very welcome – Carnival goes back to the day of “il ritrovamento” when the Venetians found the body of St Mark (they had lost him when the Basilica was re-built in 1065). Venetians celebrated, and to remember this day, festivities started every year in October, were interrupted by Christmas and then continued. It’s an interesting piece of history distinguishing Carnival in Venice. Le fritole were the national dish of the Republic of Venice.

      1. ChgoJohn Avatar

        Truly fascinating. Grazie.

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