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I was lucky to grow up in a wonderful Venetian garden, tucked away behind tall brick stone walls.

You can see the upper part of the church and convent building beyond the rambling vines. It sounds like a fairy tale – it really is. A paradise garden, stretching across several terraces, altane, and a green courtyard.

In June 2012, grandmother and I started a garden blog about Venice.

Just because we wanted to show visitors how we really live in Venice! How luminous the city is in spring, taking a break in summer and then, adding even brighter colors in autumn before winter envelops the Lagoon in a shimmering white glow. Nonna Lina founded her first restaurant in April 1945, and then took care of the anient gardens of the San Zaccaria guesthouse from 1968. Iris works in the financial sector and wrote her thesis on the environment and urban development of the Lagoon of Venice. Our website, retreasts and online classes receives input from the ancient library in the San Zaccaria guesthouse, with so many books and notes we still have to sort through, telling forgotten stories about Venice, the Lagoon, and its incredible culinary heritage.

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This ancient garden inspired our atelier

A spice atelier set in an ancient treasure garden, located less than five minutes from Piazza San Marco. A fragrant oasis, where fig trees, pomegranates, strawberry trees, Lagoon herbs, and elderflowers thrive. Ingredients we use in our recipes to recreate the historical cuisine of Venice and the Lagoon.

La Terrazza magazine

Discover Venetian garden culture and the fragrant recipes of La Serenissima.

estate a venezia

Nonna’s book of summer in Venice

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