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You know it is summer in Venice when …

In mid-July, a very special season starts in Venice when the city is preparing for the Redentore Feast. For some of us this will be the most difficult time of the year. Afa is overwhelming our town – very humid, thick and hot air often emphasized by a light southerly wind, the scirocco, bringing even […]

Valentine’s Day Treat – A Venice Lifestyle Video

We’ve been fans of the Venizavion video series since summer 2014 ! Back then, their first video was voted “most beautiful” by the readers of the Venetian daily Il Gazzettino (watch this video here). and the readers of the other Venetian dailies, offline and online, like Venezia Today and La Nuova Venezia, followed suit. While […]

Late Summer in the Lagoon

September is considered summer in Venice with a bonus: It’s harvest time and the flowers and vegetables in the Lagoon enjoy a “second spring”. That means they are ripe and lush again after the hottest months of the year and the grape harvest, la vendemmia, is taking place.

Mousse All’Anguria – Water Melon Mousse

When it gets really hot in Venice there are a few possibilities to cool down,  I mean culinarywise. One of my favorites during these really hot days called  le giornate di solleone is a slice of anguria (water melon). Did you know that anguria grows right around the corner ? The Veneto is the third largest […]

A Venetian Summer Day in the 1950s

In this post we take you back into a world of which many of us in Venice aren’t even aware. Imagine summer without lots of tourists. No cruise ships and a time when Venetians were actually swimming in the canals !! The idea for that post came when I walked along Riva degli Schiavoni and […]

Venessián, the Ancient Language of Venice

Scientists are able to do a lot when it comes to recovering the past. For example, archeologists often succeed in unearthing traces of ancient towns. Botanists explore the plant world of the past. But what about the scientists of language, the linguists? If there’s a language mankind lost, like ancient Greek or Latin, you can never be 100% sure […]

Redentore Culinary Treats

The traditional Venetian Redentore menu consists of several courses, mostly cold dishes for we eat with friends and family and that takes rather long :-) From the late afternoon, Venetians sit outside on chairs before long tables next to the canals. Many stop in the campi, on private terraces or balconies and in courtyards, others along Bacino […]


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