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You know it is summer in Venice when …

In mid-July, a very special season starts in Venice when the city is preparing for the Redentore Feast. For some of us this will be the most difficult time of the year. Afa is overwhelming our town – very humid, thick and hot air often emphasized by a light southerly wind, the scirocco, bringing even […]

Pomegranate spritz and our Venetian solstice menu

After 5:00 pm, you can feel the sun rays getting flatter and less hot on Solstice Day in Venice. Parts of Riva degli Schiavoni are now tucked into refreshing shade, so it’s a good time to start exploring my favorite area in town. 

Breakfast in Venice & Casanova’s Summer Chocolate

Imagine Piazza San Marco lined with 16 coffee houses in the year 1659 !!! But what remains today of the 206 cafes that were counted in Venice by the year 1750? The coffee house tradition is still kept up in Venice and in an excellent manner as you will see: A typical coffee house, luxurious and […]

A Dreamy Summer on Torcello

This is the tale of two islands, or rather, two realities, one superseding the other. You have just arrived on Torcello, walking the short distance from the vaporetto stop towards the sprawling grassy piazza around which the landmark sights of Torcello are grouped. That is, what is still visible today of this island’s landmarks. Two ancient […]

The Venetian foodie guide for March

March in Venice can look sunny, balmy and bright like above, or greyish-blue when moist clouds chase the waters back into the Lagoon, bringing abundant rainfall like it happens so often on the Mediterranean coasts. Expect the first REAL warm sun rays enveloping Venice in the first days of March, and in the last few […]

Our honey-pepper cake for Epiphany

Here are six useful terms for you to understand Venetian traditions on Epiphany Day, and of course, to taste all the cakes ! Watch out for the terms Epifania, Befana, Re Magi, carbone, panevin and fritole which we will explain in a moment. The week after the New Year brings on the ancient and real Christmas traditions in Venice.  As […]

Four things to explore and taste during All Saints Day in Venice

If you love exploring REAL Venetian sweets, you shouldn’t miss the first weekend in November. On All Saints Day and the weeks afterwards, bakeries and pastry stores in Venice offer traditional treats you don’t get in other seasons. That’s simply because they are tied to a legend, after which Venetians have been baking a special kind […]


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