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Grateful for Venice: Festa della Salute, 2019


Until the last minute, it wasn’t sure at all if the ponte votivo – the votive bridge, built for the Venetians to reach their Basilica every year on 21 November, would be ready and waiting for the Venetians in 2019: Venice had suffered three devastating floods within a week, the first reaching level 187 cm, while the last hit the city only on Sunday, 17 November. read more

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Four Beautiful Cafes in Venice


While you could start your day like I do on weekends, with a cup of bergamot and calendula tea at Serra dei Giardini, there are many specialties you shouldn’t miss in the pastry stores! This is how Venice really TASTES. So let’s take a look where you could go and enjoy seasonal breakfast treats!

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The September Guide to the Rialto Market


It happens over night, so to say. First, the thunderstorms in the second half of August announce that summer is merging into late summer. The fifth season, as Nonna Lina calls the last week of August and the whole month of September. Weatherwise, you get two possibilities: you might either enjoy blessed days full of mellow sunshine, or you might get a taste of autumn cold. By that we mean that the clouds look darker and the garden takes longer to recover from a thunderstorm (or perhaps a tornado, as it happened on Sunday evening over the Cavallino / northeastern Lagoon).

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