Blossoming in September – Equinox in a Venetian Moon Garden

The beginning of spring and autumn are important times from a Venetian gardener’s point of view. You need to know the laws of equinox and harness its signs. You need to recognize the changing patterns of the tides occurring during Equinox in the Lagoon if you want to be a successful gardener :-) In this […]

The Most Quiet Time of the Year

Is there a time – a season – that Venetians really dedicate to themselves. Getting some quiet after a long (mass) tourist season. I think I’ve made out that time. It’s now, when Venice chiude bottega for a few weeks. When festive November comes to an end and you can still find its culinary treats, like the San Martino biscuits […]

October sea breeze regattas

La barca a vela più veloce del mondo – designing the fastest sailing boat in the world had been the objective of Italian businessman Raul Gardini. In line with the upward economical trend in Italy, in 1991, he built Il Moro di Venezia. A prestige boat, naming it after the former maritime power, the Republic of […]

Venice and the Moon

Acqua alta doesn’t hit Venice as a surprise. There are simple “laws” that can help predict it, and in this post we are going to reveal them to you. As a rule not all parts of Venice are flooded when acqua alta strikes. If you’re prepared to stick to a special part of town on higher […]

A Wild Sunset Summer Walk

In (late) summer, you can expect the Piazza soaked in sunset hues and light until 9:30 pm !! Now that fall has officially come to Venice, temperatures have dropped somewhat. Still, sunsets in the last few weeks have been spectacular as you don’t get them often. A friend called them “wild sunsets” on Instagram – whom I give credit to […]

Lost in Secret Venice

There’s ONE place in Venice where I lose my way – have always done so. Three sotoporteghi in a row, one will take you straight from Campo San Lio to Campo San Zanipolo. Chances are I’ll miss the right sotoportego and will end up on Campo Santa Marina :-) Over the years I’ve come to love this quiet campo. There’s […]

The Colors of the Fifth Season

In the Venice of end-August and the first part of September, you’ll notice there’s a palpable change in colors. Usually around 15 August, thunderstorms alleviate the hottest days of summer. This summer was hot like the ones I remember when I was a child. A striking difference to the past is, though, how acqua alta now hits Venice a few times […]


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