On a summer day, the calm and wistful Lagoon tells ancient stories … Start your Venetian journey by reading about ancient tales, secret gardens, tropical Lagoon retreats and our family’s story of life in Venice. This is like a novel told in sequels aiming to build an alternative way for Venetians and visitors alike to connect with the Lagoon. Stay tuned – we’ll be adding more stories every few weeks.

The latest story we have prepared for you is the forgotten story of the island Ombriola. Not such a very secret island, as you will discover ! This is the story of how Venice developed into a city located in the midst of a 550 km² Lagoon. Ombriola is the ancient heartland and was once, 1500 years ago, populated not by humans but by wild birds and rosemary shrubbery. Can guess which island we are describing in this story which you can find below ?

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