#2 – A Slow Environment

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Venice, the Slow City, what’s in is this definition ?

In this section, you will learn why Venice is considered THE Slow City. What Salvatore Settis means in his book “If Venice dies” by describing the basic requirements that cities need in order to guarantee a minimum quality of life for their inhabitants. Venice has mastered this task in an extremely difficult environment.

Imagine what it’s like to build in the middle of a Lagoon, on unstable ground and tidal movements that may flood the place twice a day, and that’s normal !!

The secret of Venice being defined as the Slow City is the precise role each part of the Lagoon has been assigned to. The Lagoon is, for most of it, an artificial landscape, sculptured by Venetians for centuries. Each island has and always will have to fulfill a purpose. If one part goes missing or is damaged, the whole ecosystem loses its balance.

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