#1 – Introducing Venice and our Lifestyle

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Venice isn’t easy to know, I’ve often heard our foreign friends say. It’s even more difficult because by now, we have lost too much of her heritage by now.

We aren’t even able to exactly remember the language of the Republic. Yes, Venice was an independent state, one of the most powerful trading nations for more than 1,300 years. And Venice is truly a garden city. Just imagine that more than seventy per cent of the city surface are private. Of these, two thirds consist of gardens and courtyards. We now take you behind those scenes, the true core of Venice. Hortus Conclusus.

The Venetian state ceased to exist in 1797 and its culture fell into oblivion. It happened gradually and now, not much is remembered about the immaterial heritage of Venices. Much information is still available but tucked away in public and private libraries in town and at the Venetian State Archive.

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