#4 – Beauty, Cosmetics and Perfumery

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A forgotten tradition – Venetian Beauty Kits and Perfumery

Imagine what an incredible delight it is to go about exploring Venetian palace gardens. In these private gardens you can still recognize the original structure and layout of Venetian garden culture. Al fresco living rooms with raised terraces and pergolas and woods and sometimes a gravel or wooden terraces overlooking a calm canal.

Cultivating what on difficult, salty terrain you may think. The inventive Venetians conquered these difficulties and by the year 1500, Venice boasted the largest number of botanical gardens in the world.

Venetians used their gardens to experiment with exotic spices, blossoming trees and herbs. Out in the Lagoon, they could live out their agricultural soul, for entire islands were dedicated to farming and growing vegetables. Here in town, they cultivated everything precious to beauty, health and what they needed to make perfumes. Gardens, not just imported spices, were the prime source of the Venetian spice experts called spezieri, and the beauty industry in town (yes, there were soap factories too).

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