#5 – Introducing Venetian Food Culture

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I loved how Arrigo Cipriani describes the Lagoon produce in his book “Harry’s Bar Cookbook”. He mentions that Lagoon vegetables are smaller but so succulent. Slightly salty, they confer the taste of the Lagoon. Now that you know a bit about the Lagoon and how gardens were used to grow vegetables, herbs and spices, you will want to taste this authentic food in town.

We’ll be sharing a few suggestions in this part of the e-journey, for food is an essential step to capturing the soul of a place. Together, we’ll explore markets in Venice and you’ll learn how to recognize authentic Venetian food.

The acqua granda (flood) of November 1966 was disastrous for the Lagoon vegetable plots and orchards too, and many didn’t grow afterwards as well as they did before. It’ only about ten years ago that conditions for cultivating vegetables and fruit on the northeastern fringes of the Lagoon are back to normal.

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