Sette giorni a Venezia – Seven days in Venice

let your adventure begin

Benvenuti – welcome!

Thank you so much for your interest in Venice and in “returning to our city” after challenging times for everyone! As you’ll discover, there will be changes in Venice, but a lot of opportunities as well. Let’s get started and this is how your Seven Days in Venice Itinerary will work:

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Day One Return to Venice

You’ve made it and are back in Venice? Have you thought about how you’re going to spend the first couple of hours? Here’s a personal tip – I’d visit Campo and Campiello dei Miracoli first thing when getting back to Venice. Read more below on how to spend your first evening in the city.

day one

Campiello dei Miracoli

Located near the former home of Marco Polo’s family, this campiello is best known for its church Chiesa dei Miracoli, whose facade is made of the same marble plates as Basilica di San Marco. While it’s open we recommend that you take a look inside, but should the little church be closed, do spend half an hour in the area because this is what life in Venice is really like. It’s getting back to Venice for the senses, and will help you reconnect immediately! At San Canciano and Campo dei Miracoli, the oldest market in Venice was located, It was as old as the Rialto Market. Next to it, the ancient fluvial port of Venice was located, where the boats transporting wood, vegetables and fruit from the mainland would arrive. And from there, part of the produce was transported to the Rialto Market 1500 years ago.

Today, it’s easy to find a bacaro or cafe in the area, to enjoy your first coffee or spritz in the midst of the ancient city. And from there, walk back towards Campo San Bartolomeo and Le Mercerie – the ancient shopping malls, to finally take a look at Piazza San Marco. Possibly in the evening, when the bell of the Campanile strikes 7 pm. And then, its time for your personal favorite restaurant! I’d have a light dinner at Trattoria Aciugheta. Start with one of their pizzette all’aciuga – tiny pizza breads alla venexiana with anchovies, and do taste one of their pasta dishes – a simple spaghettata alle vongole, and their pistachio dessert dream (ice cream and pistachio soufflé)!

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