Secret Lagoon – Seven Questions, Seven Answers


Who are the inhabitants of the southern water basin?
They are called Eneti. According to legend, which has a few powerful historical confirmations, they arrived here 2000 BC, together with the inhabitants of Troia. The original home of , near today’s city of Trabsunt.

What is the island in the midst of the shallow sea, overgrown with pappeln?
That is Poveglia !!!

Who do the islands and their vineyards belong to?
The islands, fishing grounds and vineyards all belong to the most powerful monastery of the Lagoon, San Zaccaria. The nuns of San Zaccaria owned more than half of the islands and fishing grounds in the southern and central Lagoon.

What is the name of the verdant canal and the main market place ?
This is the predecessor of the Grand Canal, the river Brenta, before it was deflected out of the Lagoon in xx. The market I’m describing is called Rivus Altus – our Rialto Market !

What is the area covered with high reeds called ?
This is today’s Cannaregio.

What is the name of the verdant orchard island archipelago called ?
Mazzorbo and Mazzorbetto.

What’s the name of the port city with 6,000 inhabitants ?
Turicellum. Today, we call it Torcello !!

Who are the foreign looking merchants?
Tradespeople from Byzantium, or Constantinople, as it was later called. The colors red – gold are the colors of the Eastern Roman Empire. You can find these colors in the flag of Venice, for Venice is heir to and descends from this ancient culture.

What’s the name of the white city, and who lived here ?
Altinum – today, we call it Altino. She was a Roman city, compared by Titus Livius to the city of Baia on the Gulf of Naples, and was a famous cross-roads and trading metropole on the northern Adriatic shore. This city was called Altino.

Why did you write this piece?

We can only save Venice when we know here. I just started telling her story from the beginning and to show you what aΒ wonderful, rich verdant habitat the Lagoon was 2000 years ago. As constantly changing environment (she was in danger of becoming a swamp in xx, so the Venetian engineers working at the state authority Magistrato alle Acque had to deflect the rivers Sile and Brenta, it’s impossible that she would look the same as she did in my description of 2000 years ago.
The most imminent danger comes from excavating her natural waterways. In the story you could read how shallow they were once !! And the Lagoon ground consisted of many shallow capillary canal