Returning Visitor

You’ve already had that special first impression and are planning to return to Venice !! You are ready to focus. Yet, it’s good to take in the whole picture of Venice from time to time.

You are ready to explore secret corners of Venice. You have made friends in town. You return to explore neighborhoods. Shops. Visit artisans at work. Taste that special menu or visit that particular restaurant. For you, we’ve created a special Newsletter Magazine, taking you back to Venice every month. And you are now ready to explore the details of an ancient culture. We’ve got these articles waiting for you in a special Venice Library, open to our community.

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Every month, we deliver a colorful Venice Magazine, news from Venice, food trends, gift ideas and other lifestyle ideas. We also present books, blogs, artisans from Venice and much more ! And as someone who knows Venice rather well, you might like our Venice Library !

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We offer book reviews, articles on learning the Venetian language, background stories to events. Venice by night, special food stories, market visits. Browse a few articles below and choose from these. Perhaps you would like to start reading more about Venetian Feasts and traditions ? About the Lagoon – take a look at the articles below !

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