Garden Retreats

Vino et Spetie Garden Retreats

These retreats are open exclusively to subscribers of A Garden in Venice Magazine. You can sign up here.

eary summer 2024
Colazione in giardino

A delightful early-summer breakfast on the terrace in the secret garden in Venice. Includes a 2-hour lecture on Venetian culinary culture.

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early summer 2024
Cena in terrazza

Discover the unique view of the San Zaccara gardens from the altana and enjoy dinner with a historical spice menu with a view of the ancient monastery

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early summer 20024
solstizio in giardino

Learn the art of making trendy Venetian apeirtivies with ingredients from a very special garden, and in a favorite cafe in Venice.

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Past retreats in the garden

past retreat day
uva fragola lunch

Summer lunch in a cool garden restaurant, under a pergola overgrown with uva fragola vines. Guests enjoyed lunch made from recipes in Nonna Lina’s cookbooks.

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past retreat day
sant antonin

With a view of Campo della Bragora in late June, guests discovered the story of Sant’Antonin and Levantine Venice, while enjoying torta greca and coffee, a visit to my uncle’s garden on Campo della Bragora, and a historical menu in a restaurant next door.

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past retreat day
Te nella serra

Autumn tea afternoon in a Venetia greenhouse, jsut before la Festa della Salute in late November. Lots of stories about warming drinks and about Veneian gardens in winter.

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