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Verde Venezia – Green Venice

My Venice Guide 2024


Concise, colorful, clear: Everything you need to know if you’re planning to visit Venice in 2024. Plus three exclusive itineraries, lots of green hotel and slow food restaurant tips. E-Book. 95 pages. Online from fall 2023.

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What can we learn from Venice?

Venice survived six major pandemics in history. Thus, we can learn A LOT from her well-documented experience as we are going through challenging times, on a personal, political and economic level.
Following the pandemic and the extreme instability of the economy, a new culture of traveling is dawning. Or rather, are we turning back time and while our visit to Venice, are we going to focus on fewer but essential topics? In addition to sharing a concise roadmap for your next trip, we’ve got lots of tips for green traveling, green hotels and organic food. A very personal guide sharing Nonna’s tips for visiting Venice, and my own:
You’ll enjoy chapters for photographers, gourmets, about Venetian artisans and artists, fashion style, while exploring the city along a three-step roadmap.