That Moment in Venice


It was a spring like no other. Especially so in Venice, when all of a sudden, a window enabling us see back in time. A wonderful gift for our generation but it came at an immense cost, during one of the most critical times in Venetian history.

Text by Iris Loredana
Photography by various Venetian authors and Iris Loredana.


Silent spring, or rather, when two epochs were clashing in Venice.

This e-book, our most personal so far, takes you to Venice during spring 2020, while explaining the seven critical stages in Venetian history.

50 exclusive images taken between March and June 2020 show you a Venice none of our generation has seen before. How nature rebounded, while Venetians were braving these “winds of change” when almost everyone sensed a glimmer of hope in the midst of dire distress.

The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of how challenges are recognized and tackled. A picture of Venice, incomplete but told from a very personal point of view.

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