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My Venetian Autumn Feast


Autumn in Venice is my first e-book, published in November 2015. This season is called mezzastagione – mid autumn, and in this book you will immerse a little know Venice and its ancient traditions. We’ll tell you all about it on 85 pages, written in a haptic style and filled with illustrations, photos and recipes (my grandmother’s recipe…

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What you will receive:

  • Discover ancient seasonal soulfood recipes in the Lagoon, and the Venetian way to stay healthy in autumn
  • Grandmother’s family recipes for velvety squash soup, seasonal pasta and risotto dishes
  • Restoring teas, tangerine syrup and our favorite liquorice-flavored almond milk
  • Read how we spend All Saints Day, San Martino and the Festa della Salute in Venice, plus the menus we cook in Venice for these special days
  • High tides in autumn – the infamous acqua alta. Why and when it occurs, and how you can predict it
  • Two exclusive Venetian recipes from the past – our family recipes for rose-marzipan cake and lemon-cardamon-almond tart. Both recipes go back to the 12 th century.
  • The real background of the Festa della Salute and the trabaccolo boat, and an ancient menu from the 17th century. Taste sciroppo brulé, a best-loved drink once sold in front of the Madonna della Salute church on 21 November.
  • Learn how to make the real Venetian cioccolata densa – the hot chocolate flavored with spices
  • DIY – Mixing seasonal spices, and as a background, lots of pictures from the Rialto Market