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La Venessiana Atelier promotes the the culinary heritage of Venice, the secret world of Venetian herbs and spices, via blog posts and online courses. In addition, we support responsible travel initiatives in Venice. In this section, you can find news, our press kit, and more information on our co-operation partners, plus testimonials, features and mentions.

a social business, we aim to support sustainable tourism, social initiatives and businesses in venice. we offer resources for responsible visitors to design a rewarding stay in venice, a portion of which go to support social initiatives in town. in our articles, food and seasonal gift guides on the blog, we recommend seasonal products and services by venetian artisans, sustainable hotels, social businesses, slow food restaurants and delicatessen stores.
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Our Press Kit is updated regularly, and includes examples of co-operation, and our online courses dedicated to responsible travelers, organic food and garden lovers.


Welcome to Venice Kit 2019 comes as mini course on our course platform (click here to view). The 2019 edition includes the Secret Venice Mini Guide for responsible travelers, access to all content upgrades and an introduction to Venice in four short lessons. My secret Venice Mini Guide is our free guide for subscribers, and we also offer a monthly Venice Email magazine.

La Venessiana on Social Media

La Venessiana on Facebook

On Facebook, we share at least one food post and travel/history post from our blog per week, plus more resources and articles dedicated to slow food and travel in Venice from friends and other blogs on Venice.

La Venessiana on Twitter

I use Twitter often, adding several tweets per day. I share links to Venice and heritage-related information, recipes,but also other topics, related to building a business in Venice, culinary culture, and the Lagoon.

Venetian Stories on Instagram

Several times a week, I share seasonal stories of Venice on Instagram, food and garden images, and features of the Venetian Instatellers group. La Venessiana's hashtag is #veneziadatoccare (touching Venice).

Copywriting and Photography

Book Reviews

We love doing reviews of books on Venice and the Mediterranean, slow food, heritage, and sustainable tourism. Examples: Dream of Venice, Judith Harris, Salvatore Settis.

  • Review + background research
  • Write and publish the review
  • Share the review on social media

Price tbd


For book authors and artisans in Venice. We’d love to share your product or book on Venice on the blog, and include a give-away. Example: Dream of Venice in Black and White.

  • Review and background research
  • Publish blog post + social sharing
  • Organizing the give-away

Price tbd

Research + Copywriting

We offer writing guest posts, or blog posts for your website in case you focus on Venice, Italy, slow travel, food, history, and business. Italian, German, English, French. Example: The Liquid Press.

  • In-depth Research
  • Writing the Blog Post
  • Sharing on my social media

Price tbd


I specialize in food and landscape photography. So far, I took >30,000 images of Venice. Work examples: The Liquid Press; Travel and Leisure; The Simple Things. Detourism; A Guest in Venice.

  • Selecting appropriate images
  • Editing with Adobe software
  • Minimum bundle of 10 images

Price tbd

Partners and Cooperations

Please click here to view the list of our current and past co-operation partners. You can find concrete examples of our work in the Press Kit.

Contributions, Features and Mentions

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Our Book Reviews

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Meet Us

We are a Venetian family (here is Iris and cousin Diego). La Venessiana was founded in June 2015 as blog, spice atelier and social business by Iris and Grandmother Lina. 

“38 stories, videos, recipes, & surprises! Written & produced by La Venessiana, a magical & instructive journey into Venetian culture & identity. An imaginative sustainable solution to support Venice!"

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Please get in touch if you, as company or individual, are interested in promoting sustainable tourism, lifestyle, and the culinary culture in Venice.