Postcard from Venice

La Venessiana’s Culinary and Travel Newsletter dedicated to Venice comes with a little gift for you which you can download as soon as we have received your subscription.

Leaving Venice is never easy as you may have experienced the last time when you were there. Since we opened our Blog in June 2015, we received many letters from our readers wishing to be here, to stay connected, to know what is going on, so we thought that sending you a Monthly Postcard from Venice might really be of some help

And for 2017, we are creating a special monthly Venice magazine for our friends. Fashion, food, style trends, beauty. Tackling one topic a month. What to eat, see and do and where to stay. What the weather is like in Venice and all the latest videos. Link collections to favorite reads about Venice. Blogs, books and magazines. This letter might even help you build your own personal Venice library and at least really to prepare for your next trip !

Join us below and get your own edition of the Monthly Postcard from Venice !



Here’s an excerpt of the topics we cover in our Postcard each month:

Updates on our Workshops Workshop | Virtual Garden Excursions | Seasonal Travel Tips | Culinary Topics and Slow Food | Venice Spice Atelier | Exclusive Recipes for Our Friends | The Art of Venetian Hospitality | Breakfast in Venice