Postcard from Venice

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This is a Culinary Postcard from Venice for you ! Once a month, starting in late September 2017, we will share the latest Venetian food trends, seasonal recipes and breakfast ideas with our subscribers. You will also receive a little surprise gift which you can download as soon as our first Postcard in the new format will arrive in your mail box in late September 2017.

What you will receive – Culinary Trends and Travel Tips

Join us on a virtual market tour. Discover the latest food trends and gourmet gifts from Venice. Learn about Venetian specialty stores and seasonal menusbreakfast delights and home-made soul food from the Lagoon. We also share videos on Venice, book and blog tips and tell about culinary and sustainable food initiatives. Your subscription will also give you access to La Spezeria, our Venetian Culinary Library for Subscribers (available also from late September 2017).

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