A Secret Venice Guide - For Explorers, Travelers, and Armchair Travelers. Plus, you gain access to our online Venice Library.

Perhaps there’s no second city in the world on which so many books, and articles, have been written. At least, that’s our impression, as we are constantly following the latest books, publications, and blogs. Of these, only a tiny part are written by Venetians themselves. So we have created  little Venice guide for you, giving voice to those silent Venetians. In this little guide, they take you behind the scenes of Venice, welcoming you as (virtual) guest to Venice, and La Venessiana! What’s more – you also get access to our Venice Library for Subscribers, in which we share more information and behind-the-scenes tips, recipes, and a Christmas gift :-)

Venetian Voices

Let us show you our Venice! LA VENESSIANA’S VENICE EMAIL MAGAZINE is the only Slow Travel Newsletter prepared entirely by a Venetian team. Enjoy our 20 personal tips in in this 30-page ebook (pdf), and get insights into the real city behind the scenes, and tools you need to understand Venice and the Venetians!