Venice for Photographers

Venice and photography – these two go together. How do you organize a splendid photo shooting on a moist late winter – early spring day. Without getting soaked despite the odd acquazzone pouring down. But then, all participants in this photo shooting focussed  completely on their cameras without noticing the occasional gust of wind and shower.

Magda, Giuseppe, Pietro

So these are the winning ingredients to spend a rewarding Sunday afternoon in Venice:

  1. The organizer – Giuseppe, who is well-known to stage wonderful events #veneziadatoccare. Take a look here !
  2. Models for the photo shooting – bride and groom and many passers-by joining in and taking pictures with us
  3. The Instagram photographers group Instatellers
  4. Sposarsi a Venezia and a  Wedding Fair in Venice
  5. Venetian setting 1 – scenic outdoor Venice, palatial, sophisticated
  6. Venetian Setting 2 – luxury indoors, roof-top with a view
  7. Photo competition and gala dinner for the participants

Here you can see a number of pictures taken in the first part of the photo shooting, including a walk under the arcades of the Doge’s Palace. Even the puddles in Piazza San Marco fulfilled a purpose, acting as reflection pools for one of the most beautiful picture taken:

Here you can see a gallery of our percorso fotografico. Bride and groom even stopped on Ponte della Paglia which is the most beaten bridge (path) in Venice. From here, you get the best view of the Ponte dei Sospiri – the Bridge of Sighs. Even though quite a few tourists had joined us by that time, we managed to take a picture of the bridge WITHOUT the crowds.

What a wonderful lesson of photography leading us to spectacular places – well-known yet undiscovered perspectives. Watching Giuseppe, you can learn a lot about inspiring perspectives and photography styling.

The second part of the photo shooting took place at the Hotel Europa and Regina, in the banqueting halls, a luxurious rooftop suite with terrace.

Here’s the view from the canal-side part of the terrace.

The second part of this mini series, online after Easter, will take us inside into the rooftop suite and terrace regaling a stunning view of Venice.


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