• Have you ever tried black focaccia with baccala, green olives, candied cherry tomatoes and capers? The focaccia was tinted coal black with squid ink in this new dish offered by #caffeflorian . This is what recreating a staple Venetian dish of the 15th century looks like 🌟🌟 #theliquidpress
  • Flowers syrups were used in Medieval recipes to sweeten cakes in Venice. We make flower syrup at home, like this one made from lilac, but also love rose, elderflower, acacia or dandelion syrup. The secret is to use a hint of spices that enhance the flavor of the blossoms and at the same time, keep the syrups fresh for a longer time. Lilac syrup could also be used to flavor a ricotta - lemon filling for sponge cakes. You'll find the recipe in my upcoming book.
  • This is our traditional Venetian dinner tonight: #spigola in padella and risotto with asparagus called "risi e sparesi" in Venice. 
It's a dish made with white asparagus, delivered from Badoere and Bassano to the Venetian markets. White wine, freshly ground black pepper, chopped parsley and grated cheese, usually parmesan, enhance the soft taste of asparagus. A simple but favorite recipe #lacucinadelbuonricordo