Our Flavored Cappuccino Recipes

I love cappuccino with delicious add-ons. This sunny Saturday morning I flavored my cappuccino with Campari 🙂 Flavoring coffee is a habit of Venetians that goes back until the late 17th century when the first cafes opened in town.

Grandmother is very strict with her morning coffee but she does like flavored milk with her caffé latte. That is, her coffee comes with a hint of cardamom and sometimes with star anise-flavored milk. We leave the star anise to infuse in hot milk for ten minutes and then foam the milk and pour it on the coffee.

During those first days of September, mornings in Venice are as bright and dark blue as you can see in the picture below, no hint of autumn as of now.

september mood

To make schiuma di latte al campari – Campari-flavored milk foam, whip up milk and pour the milk foam in your coffee. Then add 2 teaspoons of Campari and another spoonful of brown cane sugar. Sprinkle with cinnamon which enhances the flavor of the Campari, stir carefully and enjoy !!

Cappuccino in Italy, Venice is no exception, never comes with panna montata (whipped cream). The only recipe I know of is a type  of latte macchiato we love on sunny autumn afternoons.  It’s latte macchiato flavored with Frangelico, a favorite hazelnut liquor from the Piedmont. Grandfather used to  make flavored hazelnut liquor himself.

cappuccino 2

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