Our Story

The heritage of a forgotten country, the Serenissima Republic of Venice, how Venetians support their city behind the scenes, and life in the green city: We recreate and write about ancient Venetian gardens and their food, beauty, perfumes and natural remedies.

Iris grew up in Venice and graduated in corporate finance / environmental economics and in languages / linguistics. She studied Venessian, Latin and Greek to read the original texts of the Republic of Venice 🙂 Her thesis covers the urban development and ecology of the Lagoon, and she loves learning all about the merchants of Venice, their fabulous spice recipes, and the legendary silk and spice routes.

I’m very grateful that our grandmother Lina has joined me here, sharing her unique know-how on Venice.

Lina Teresa, member of the Cavalieri di San Marco, is 97 years old. She is the guardian of the San Zaccaria monastery library and also restored the ancient garden, called El Brolo in the past, on its premises. You can see Lina in the video below (at 01:28):

“The years 2020-25 will be decisive for the long-term survival of Venice. Most of you have never seen the secret city, the gardens making up the other half of Venice. Here, the old Venice has survived to this day, so there’s a lot we don’t know about Venice! Join us and virtually explore the real Venice, invisible to visitors.”

Lina Loredan