Christmas Lights in Venice

While Venice is rather calm and dark on Christmas Night in most parts of Venice, it does get very luminous on Piazza San Marco. There’s the Christmas tree located on Piazzetta dei Leoncini next to the northern entrance of Basilica di San Marco.

This year, the Christmas tree has been enriched to become a wishing tree, with Venetian children hanging up little signs posting their wishes. The Christmas lights called “le luminarie ” around the Piazza are left on until long past midnight these days.


Last night the fog was very thick and now Venice is covered by a misty blanket. The silvery mood endures with all those glittering light chains consisting of tiny bulbs looking very elegant.


In this stroll around the Piazza you can see pictures of the present and the past πŸ™‚ You can see what Piazza San Marco looks like this year and what it will look like on New Year’s Eve until January 6.

There are past Christmas decorations I loved very much. I started taking pictures in 2007 when Piazza San Marco was adorned for Christmas with the fir garlands, red and golden ribbons that you can see above. Can still remember their scent …  Then I loved Christmas in 2013, when the Joysingers gospel choir sang Christmas carols in the Piazza, on an illuminated stage. People stopped at the cafes enjoying spritz, coffee and tea … provided that the fog was not too humid and freezing.


There’s also a lovely piece of Christmas news I’m very happy to refer to you !! La Venessiana has been nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award, referred by author Michelle Novak. She is writing the blog “Inspired by Venice” and has published a beautiful book called “Venice“, which I have included my Venice book collection here.

I’m also very happy that my Venetian grandmother Lina has joined me writing. She’s referring in particular family recipes and tales and notions about life in Venice in former times. What life could be like in Venice in the future …

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures of Piazza San Marco, of Christmas present and past and a favorite Christmas cake in Venice called Tronco di Natale. All pastry stores offer it these days !!  If you would like to see pictures of the Christmas Mass at Basilica di San Marco on 25 December 2015, click here (slide show by La Nuova Venezia).


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  1. I have visited Venice at Chirstmas just once, but it was beyond beautiful. In fact, I think it’s one of the best times to visit Venice! I loved how subtle and elegant the decorations were, the misterious atmosphere that the fog provided… Everything was truly magical!

    1. Yes, CHristmas in Venice is magical !! Now we’re in for a more quiet time – Everybody is baking cookies for Carnival, though :-))) Warmest regards, Iris

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