Laguna in Cucina

Laguna in Cucina

Colorful food memoir filled with seasonal Venetian family recipes, and glimpses of the past and present, people and places.

The Lagoon

You only see what you know. That’s why you receive colorful stories about the Lagoon of Venice every month, fascinating insights about the largest Lagoon of the Mediterranean sea.

The islands

We show you the colorful islands and archipelagosboth north and south of Venice, in monthly videos and virtual walks that you can watch at your own time.

The restaurants

All our favorite places for you revealed, where to taste the sea-flavored cuisine, hearty traditional meals, historiccal menus, or light vegan choices.

The recipes

Step by step, you’ll learn to make traditional recipes and discover food trends that distinguish Venetian culinary style. Month after month, season after season – you’ll be our guest!

The itineraries

Of course, we won’t neglect Venice: We’ve prepared food itineraries around the city for you, like the spice and coffee walks, and market impressions, month after month.

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