Our first year of blogging on Venice

A Venezia puoi girare il mondo in un giorno – Walking around Venice, you can take a world trip in one day. That’s how the very first supporter of our Blog sees her home town Venice. She’s my 93-year-old Grandmother who grew up in the northern Lagoon but moved back to her family home on Campo S. M. Formosa after the war in late April 1945.

On 20 June 2016 our Blog La Venessiana celebrated its first anniversary. In the early afternoon one year ago during coffee I told my grandmother that I wanted to start a blog on Venice. Taking the readers behind the scenes and into private homes, kitchens and gardens. Above all, exploring the stories of the Venetian spice merchants and the culinary treasures they brought back to Venice from the Levant.

For years Grandmother, who inherited the library of a Venetian monastery, wanted me to join her sorting through her books. I’m really fascinated by this incredible source of recipes and ancient documents. They have become an important source for the blog posts I write and the book we are currently preparing.

Grandmother’s interest in Venetian food is based on her own background. For decades she spent four weeks in November or December in a Levantine country searching for Venetian traces.  Some Venetian families still live there working for international organizations, NGOs or in embassies, and she visited with them. She traveled with a group of Venetian friends and they took thousands of pictures and made films which we watched for days on end during the Christmas holidays. Now I’m very glad I was able to see all those films showing the beautiful countries and food of the Levant, for this is where Venetian culture originally comes from.

Grandmother joined me writing the blog with many ideas and unusual insights into Venice. This is how she explains our city to you:

When you arrive in Venice you enter an ancient world of its own. Time and reality don’t seem to apply in this floating town. You might consider it a strange place with no cars, water reflections and surprising colors everywhere. Istrian stone buildings and almost no green, no gardens at first sight. I’m talking about arriving at Riva degli Schiavoni – San Zaccaria. From here, you enter the winding world of the Venetian calli such as Calle delle Rasse or Calle degli Albanesi. You notice there’s a calle degli Armeni, and a Chinese artefact in a shop window. In the Lagoon, you visit an Armenian island with a monastery and its fantastic Damascus rose garden. You continue walking and come across fragrant pastries, sweets and menus and try baccalà whose ingredients come from Scandinavia. You taste sweet bread based on a recipe originally from Persia. You visit Biblioteca Marciana and the Ancient Greek and Roman exhibitions … we could continue along these lines, see what I mean? In Venice, the ANCIENT world has survived like in no other place on Earth. All you need is the knowledge to read its codes.

Thank you for following our Blog during its first year, for your comments and private mails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter messages. It’s been an overwhelming experience making new friends all over the world and meeting some of them in Venice last year and this spring. Please feel free to contact us any time, we look forward to hearing from you !!

14 responses to “Our first year of blogging on Venice”

  1. Mercè Alvarez Avatar
    Mercè Alvarez

    Complimenti per avere questa nonna così saggia e cosi adorabile.
    Qualche tempo fa mi sono abbonato alla newsletter del tuo blog e amo tutto il tuo post.
    Tantti auguri per l’anniversario del tuo blog

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Grazie di cuore!!!! Sono molto felice che ti piaccia il nostro blog. Mia nonna e’ veramente saggia, adora il suo giardino ed ama cucinare, sviluppare ricette e convidere tante idee per il blog.

  2. Yvonne Avatar

    Auguri! Your grandmother looks so lively and interested in everything.

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Thank you dear Yvonne!! I’m so grateful that she’s fine, and there’s the garden and the books she loves most, and also cooking and baking. Until four years ago, she even made her annual voyages to the Levant, of course together with family and friends.

  3. foodinbooks Avatar

    You have become my absolute favorite blog, along with Chestnuts and Truffles. I look forward every week to reading your next post. You not only make me feel like I’m in Venice, you keep my flame of wanting to go back alive. So thank you for bringing your world to mine.

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I feel very honored!!!! It took some time to prepare the blog, and now I’m very grateful that many Venetian friends – and my grandmother, support and even start writing guest posts. This blog fulfills its purpose if it makes you feel a bit closer to Venice!!

  4. Hilary Brown Avatar

    Adoro la storia di tua nonna e la ricerca che ha fatto con i suoi amici. La ricerca che è alla base del tuo blog.
    Ti seguo perché mi considero quasi una ‘veneziana’ avendo vissuto lì per 8 anni, anche se sono straniera e sono tanti anni ormai che non vivo più a Venezia. Ma ci torno spessissimo quasi ogni anno. Grazie per il tuo blog che trovo molto simpatico, divertente e interessante. Your English is very good too! Hilary

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Cara Hilary, grazie per il tuo messaggio, sono felice che ti piaccia il nostro blog !! Sì, i nostri blog si basano su ricerche cominciate da mia nonna negli anni
      Sessanta. Sei anche tu veneziana dopo aver vissuto da noi per tanti anni :-)) Felice di cononscerti!! Grazie di cuore, a presto, Iris

  5. The Slow Pace Avatar

    Love this blog and the fact that you created it with your nonna! I wish mine was still around to share my passion for food and Venice with her!
    Tanti auguri!

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Thank you so much dear friend!! You certainly have beautiful and cherished memories with your grandmother .. I wish you could share your Venice and your blog with her. I think I understand a bit … I wish I could share my blogs and this blogging anniverary with my father …

  6. Nicca Vignotto Avatar
    Nicca Vignotto

    Gentile venessiana complimenti per il bellissimo blog! Lo leggo da molto tempo (ma non ho mai lasciato commenti) e ogni post e’ un tuffo nella mia infanzia ….. adesso che vivo all’estero la mia Venezia a volte é un ricordo ancora piú struggente… i fiori di sambuco fritti !!!! mia nonna me li faceva anche ma non col limoncello, con la grappa!! Un caro saluto. Nicca Vignotto

    1. furbiziahs Avatar

      Ciao, sono molto felice d’incontrarti sul nostro blog, e grazie di cuore per seguirci!! Lo scopo di La Venessiana che scrivo insieme a mia nonna, e’ di portarti un po’ alla volta a Venezia in tutti i mesi dell’anno.
      Verissimo, a volte anche mia nonna i fiori di sambuco fritti li fa con la grappa, pero’ a mio nonno piaceva di piu’ con il limoncello che faceva lui stesso in primavera :-) Un caro saluto !!! Iris

      1. Nicca Vignotto Avatar
        Nicca Vignotto

        Gentile Iris, grazie a te! si lo so, leggo il tuo blog da moltissimo ancora prima che cambiasse forma.. non so cos’é stato a spingermi a scrivere solo adesso ……forse la foto di tua nonna che mi ha fatto ricordare tanto la mia, forse i fiori di sambuco o la zuppa inglese (altra impareggiabile bontá della mia infanzia ..precisa, precisa com l’hai descritta tu :-) :-) ) .. fatto sta! insomma sono felice di aver fatto ufficialmente la tua conoscenza. :-) ciao! Nicca

      2. furbiziahs Avatar

        Cara Nicca, ti ringrazio, sono molto felice che mi hai scritto !! Felice di aver fatto la tua conoscenza :-)
        Fra poco ci saranno altre ricette che mia nonna prepara da anni … . A presto, un caro saluto, Iris

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