Terrazza San Zaccaria


The first Newsletter + Garden Magazine from Venice

la terrazza – a garden in venice

So many visitors believe that Venice doesn’t have gardens.

Often, one’s first impression is that Venice must be a city made from white Istrian stone! Yet, almost half of our city consists of gardens of all sizes! La Terrazza is the first Venetian Garden Magazine + Newsletter taking you on a secret journey into “the other half of Venice”, those secret gardens hiding behind tall brick walls: You’ll discover kitchen and palace gardens, hanging gardens, rooftops and lush green courtyards. And in particular, we’re telling the story of a very special garden ..

Four hundred years ago ..

.. Venice was the city with the largest number of gardens in the world. It all started in the 5th century AD: Before noble families created sophisticated gardens, consisting of a mix of formal and wild gardens, monasteries with vegetable and herb gardens were set up. Orchards, vineyards, and vegetable plots surrounded practically all buildings, and flowers were harvested to use in the kitchen, or to make soap and perfumes. You have to be inventive in a city built on 118 islands! Our garden newsletter and magazine La Terrazza takes you into this extraordinary city, Venetia – as Venice was called a long time ago ..

la terrazza – a garden in venice


In November 2019, a serious flood almost destroyed grandmother’s garden. To us, it felt like a wakening call that the green heritage, those gardens that survived from more than 1000 years, is under severe pressure. Currently, the garden is being restored, and our magazine + newsletter will reflect progress made and lessons learned.

Dive into the lush city

A Garden in Venice

In the midst of a turquoise Lagoon, a city with more than 500 botanical gardens has survived. Explore this secret world, its botanical treasures and forgotten recipes.

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Journey of discovery, around the gardens of Venice from a different perspective. Islands, gardens, orchards, monastery herb gardens, garden calendar and our exclusive garden atlas.

Le Mie Ricette

In 1988, a book called Le Mie Ricette was published in Venice, containing Nonna’s favorite recipes. Here’s an exclusive copy for you, enriched with stories and other surprises.