Welcome to La Venessiana’s summer edition!

Summer is such a special yet underestimated season in Venice that we decided to give it a special place on the blog!

Yes, this is the time when the city is quite crowded, at least on the weekends, and in the iconic spots. But just a few calleselle away, you’ll find everything Venice ever has to offer – especially in the morning. So this page takes you on a summer walk, starting with breakfast, and the on a couple of special visits and excursions. Stay tuned as we’re getting ready for summer!

My favorite:


  • Beach One
  • Beach Two
  • Beach Three
  • Beach Four
  • Beach Five

Places to stay

  • Stay One
  • Stay Two
  • Stay Three
  • Stay Four
  • Stay Five


  • Place One
  • Place Two
  • Place Three
  • Place Four
  • Place Five

Hiking Trails

  • Trail One
  • Trail Two
  • Trail Three
  • Trail Four
  • Trail Five

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