January in Venice

Starting your year with Venice …

January is the month of white and blue days and the ice-blue Lagoon, and it’s really quiet after the New Year celebrations and another incredibly crowded year in town. Like late December, the first half of January means that all light will be drained from the Lagoon. And if there’s a faint sun ray, it is usually too weak to illuminate the city, just like in the pictures you can see in this page.

Foggy and humid weather requires a special kind of soul food, and the fritole pastries are back in town. Especially this year, when Carnival is starting very soon on 27 January. And already, Epifania (Epiphany Day in Venice) was celebrated with lots of fritole – ushering in not only a Month of Nativity Scenes at the Venetian churches, but also giving a taste of Carnivale.

In January, you can have it both – a calm environment and no crowds while tasting culinary treats reminiscent of Christmas (cookies) and the sweets Venetians love to eat for Carnival. Or, if you love breakfast, you can now enjoy a morning without the crowds in a pasticceria. Here’s my favorite breakfast combination, cappuccino and the most fluffy and soft almond cream cornetto in the world, at Pasticceria Bragora. And afterwards, you might want to remain indoors too because the weather can be rather uninviting. Yet, there are lively notes in town …

Photo by Max Farina – visit his exhibition in Campo Ghetto Nuovo – Galleria Arte Spazio Tempo.

We will soon cover a special exhibition – Rivus Altus, a project launched by photographer and architect Max Farina depicting unusual views of the bridge. You can visit his exhibition in Cannaregio at Galleria Arte Spazio Tempo, open until 13 February 2018.

Now is a restoring time – not just for Venetians, but also for Venice. There must be a break sometimes and I’ve counted that it happens three times a year. The first is now until Carnival. The second break for Venice starts just after Carnival and lasts until the Easter week. The third time when the city can take a collective rest happens after Festa della Salute, lasting until a few days before Christmas. And now there’s so much time to work at the computer and test recipes ! We take advantage of the purple leaves of radicchio populating the markets in Venice !

In January, you must be particularly careful to observe the moon phases because at New Moon and Full Moon is the time when most probably, Venice will be hit by acqua alta. Here’s our blog post telling you everything you need to know to predict acqua alta and handle such a situation.

The colors in this page show you the ice-blue component and subdued reflections which we are really missing in a city where we are so spoilt with colors during the year. And this is also the time when the flu hits Venice… we have a few foods containing natural antidotes. For example, here’s the link to an invigorating honey – pepper cake and cherry liquor frosting, which we love to eat on Epiphany Day, but its ingredients will keep you fine during January. Grab a bite of cotognata, a cup of cappuccino with cardamom and a piece of this cake, so you know what a favorite family breakfast looks like in January.

BTW- two more weeks to go until Carnival, which starts on 27 January this year and will end on 13 February !! In case it will snow, the Piazza will look like this (an old but favorite picture …)

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