Our Book – In the Kitchen with Nonna

Roses and Spices:
A Garden in Venice on Your Plate

Benefit from the Venetian heritage. This book is for cooks and adventurers and for anyone who really loves Venice. We will share forgotten stories of Levantine gardens and their thousand-year-old recipes.

Grandmother Lina has been a cooking instructor for all of her life. She celebrated her 95th birthday in December 2017, and we will share not only her cooking secrets but her private insights of Venice and stories of a lifetime. A point for you to start discovering the other half of Venice, the one not open to the public.

In 2018, we will publish Lina’s carefully collected knowledge as book and e-books and will launch an e-course series to share with delicious & easy recipes for food, aromatherapy, perfumes and natural remedies.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Lina taught Venetian historical recipes and food heritage to the chefs of the grandi alberghi in Venice. In her own restaurants, Lina cooked for politicians, ambassadors and two popes, John XXIII and John Paul I.

Growing up on the fringes of the northern Lagoon facing the islands of Sant’Erasmo and Le Vignole, she had her own farm-house before returning to the family home in Venice. Lina inherited the library of a Venetian Monastery and has close friends in other convents, such as on the island San Lazzaro degli Armeni and at San Francesco della Vigna.

In Venice, the old world has survived like in no other place on Earth, and here’s how we can benefit from this heritage as wellWe found there’s still room to write on Venice, about her secret, private part. We write about gardens with a story and their recipes. While walking past, you probably wouldn’t even guess their existence if it weren’t for the odd wisteria twig giving away their existence. For centuries, they have been private jewels dedicated to growing the ingredients used by a forgotten style of preparing ancient recipes, combining food, beauty and natural remedies all in one. This is our neighborhood, one of the oldest grounds settled in town.

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