How to Grow a Pomegranate Tree

Il melograno means pomegranate tree in Italian. Growing your own pomegranate tree will instantly confer a Mediterranean look and feel to any garden. Below you can see a little pomegranate copse I’ve discovered in the Venetian Lagoon. That may be too much for many other climates, but you can always try with a little one.

Make sure the young tree gets a protected space, in the sun, and twice a day a hint of water. Even better if you can shield the young plant from the hot sun in the afternoon. You could put it on the table on your terrace, a touch of color in deep red and green.

Even young plants flower during their first spring and you can expect 1-2 fruits even during the first or second year. It takes time to grow, though… lots of personal care, sun and a protected quiet place.

Italians love pomegranates squeezed as a juice, or to flavor autumn dishes, like poultry which is eaten in November. The juice is also used to enhance the taste of jam, and I know of a fine recipe when quince jam is flavored with cinnamon, lemon and pomegranate juice.


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