Take a glimpse behind the red brick walls, into Grandmother Lina’s home and garden. This the stage where our culinary stories are set and the home of La Spezeria – Our new Spice and Culinary Garden Atelier!

Located on the ancient grounds of the San Zaccaria monastery, Lina’s garden is the last of the Brolo, which was the largest vineyard, herb and vegetable garden in Venice for more than 600 years. In 1968, the family bought the former convent guest house opening up on Camp San Provolo, and created an edible garden paradise and home to lush local flowers and exotic shrubs. It’s a terraced garden spanning over several levels, complete with courtyard, terraces, altane and balconies, a verdant yet quiet paradise one wouldn’t expect in such a vibrant and lively part of Venice. Fruit trees, a fig tree, olives and vines, climbers and citrus trees grow here.Β  Ivy, aralia, palm trees, yucca, purple wisteria and ferns, fragrant jasmine, aralia and pittosporum provide a green shelter to roses, hortenisa and lilies, and there’s a pergola covered with vines and wisteria on the upper level of the terracescape.