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The way we visit historical cities – including Venice! – is changing. In 1945, our grandmother opened her first restaurant near Piazza San Marco, and since then, she’s become an expert of inspiring her guests to discover Venice, step by step. With stories of Venice told very differently. Our e-books, the garden magazine, virtual culinary classes, and other Venice guides contain Lina’s stories, insights, and also recipes, with the aim of extending her style of presenting Venice to guests to all who love the city.


Five tips for responsible visitors (please read first!).

E-Books and Online Guides

Since 2012, we have been taking readers virtually into the private city, exploring green oases and their recipes. Discover our green city guides, market walks, food stories, history notes, and much more!


Laguna in Cucina is the first Venetian cooking club where you can browse and learn to cook historical Venetain recipes. If Venice holds a special place in your heart, this is our invitation for you to keep in touch and discover family recipes and historical dishes, famous and easy menus, for everyone, beginners, hobby and expert cooks.

Garden Retreats

La Venessiana will be back in the “Real World” soon. We’re planning to take up our garden retreats in 2023 or 2024. And we’ve got a lot of ideas and plans for you coming up!

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Since 2018: Laguna in Cucina

For the Garden and Food Lovers amongst you: We’re writing about Venetian garden culture and forgotten recipes from Nonna’s garden, located just five minutes from Piazza San Marco. Come inside and discover seasonal garden glimpses, garden stories, and delicious plant-based cooking and baking with ingredients from a secret garden in Venice.

more e-guides and books coming soon
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20 Venetian food trends for the 2020s

During the past few decades, restaurants in Venice have been rediscovering Venetian culinary heritage, offering menus and dishes based on historical recipes: That is, recipes using herbs, fruit, blossoms, and vegetables of the Lagoon, enhanced with forgotten spice flavors like agreste and amarognolo (similar to the Campari flavor!). One could say that during the lockdowns…