On 21 November 2018, Venetians celebrated La Festa della Salute for the 388th time. See the celebrations, take a look behind its scenes, and discover historical recipes. Learn more about Venetian heritage, which is key to understanding the city you have come to love.

Festa della Salute

Read our blog post Festa della Salute, and see the latest images on Instagram (this link also works for those of you who don’t have an Instagram account). Join celebrations on the Basilica’s Homepage.

Venetia Heritage Course

This ebook on Festa della Salute, which you can download from this page, comes with the Venice Heritage Course, in which you will discover the untold story of Venice in 38 lessons.

We have prepared an ebook for you: Enjoy pictures of the feast, and taste Venetian recipes!

Subito a Venezia ..
Website + Webcam of the Basilica


WEBSITE: Did you know that la Basilica della Salute has a website? Click below to learn more about the church, its history and adjacent buildings.


WEBCAM: Click on the screen to open the link to the Webcam, showing images of the Basilica and Punta della Dogana

Insights - November 2018:
Festa della Salute

There is one day of the year, when Venetians reconnect with the past, and when for a week or so, a fifth bridge spans the Grand Canal. This day brings back collective memories of hardship long past. The ponton bridge is called “Ponte della Salute”, on which Venetians are crossing the Grand Canal to reach the basilica and celebrate La Festa della Salute. They are praying for the health of their city, for their families and loved ones. This feast has been celebrated since 1630, and to us Venetians, it is dearer than “Christmas and Easter together”. So yes, this is a special day, and a special week: The Feast doesn’t end on 21 November, and it starts a few days before. Take a look at the video below, showing you the components of the Feast. It’s a new video, broadcast on an Italian TV station on 21 November 2018.


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