First-Time Visitor and Explorer

The tips we’ve got to share with you, the first-time visitor to Venice, is similar to the armchair travelers. Yet, you are one significant step closer to living the Venetian magic. So here are our special tips to prepare for a trip to this magical water world that is Venice.

In Venice, the laws valid on solid ground often don’t apply. Not even with regard to building or creating gardens. Venice is entirely set in a 550 km² Lagoon, and this makes for unusual insights, impressions and reflections.

First impressions do go a long way, and it’s a special honor for us to accompany you !! Soon, you will be stepping into another world. I’m convinced that nothing can really prepare you for this unique first impression. It’s like stepping right into the past with a lifeline to the present. Unique art clad in lifestyle, fashion and style.

#1 Take a look at this video made by Rene Caovilla. It’s invaluable.

To me, this is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen on Venice. You might also take a look at their artisan shoe shop here. In the video, you travel back and forth in time. Cross the borders between the past and the present without effort. That’s what you can expect from Venice.

#2 Did you enjoy this visual treat ? Second comes the background to all what you have just seen.

In the Welcome Kit, you can read the background to all the views you’ve just seen in this special video. Click below and download it !

#3 We’ve prepared this special blog post for you – Venice for First-Time Visitors Click on the picture below to start reading, as soon as you have gone through your complimentary Welcome Kit. Want to read more ? Discover the articles created especially for first-time visitors in the Welcome Kit !

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