Caring for the Lagoon Environment

Arriving in Venice is always an adventure!!

But even if you arrive by plane, which in some cases cannot be avoided, there are a couple of suggestions to plan your trip in an environmentally supportive way. If you’re living in Europe: Before you book your plane ticket, consider alternatives to flying. Taking the train, for example, is much more environmentally friendly, and although slower than flying, you’ve got the chance to stop off at places you might not have seen before. In fact, some places are best discovered by train! 

If flying is the only realistic option to get you where you need to be, then there are still ways to slash your footprint. If you can, choose the most direct route, and consider buying carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions of your flight. You can buy these credits while booking your flight online, or ask your travel agency to support you.


Having the privilege to connect with Venice means that you’ll discover a different world with many advantages, like staying in the midst of a Lagoon, while some amenities (reaching destinations quickly and easily by car) aren’t available. Maintaining a city that just celebrated her 1600th birthday isn’t always easy but will be a very rewarding journey if you choose to explore the Lagoon. Also, think about what you bring and thus will introduce into the environment. Although Venice is “full of” hotels and other forms of accomodation, you’ll be surrounded by the rich nature of the largest Lagoon in the Mediterranean Sea. This also means that in the Lagoon, human impact is bigger than elsewhere.
We’ll have more information in this area soon.

We can support you to make conscious choices while staying in Venice: Booking a family-owned hotel; supporting small restaurants, cafes and businesses. Enjoying Venice on themed itineraries, which come as pre-package or tailored to your interests.

Should you prefer visiting Venice with a group of other environmentally conscious travelers, we can make recommendations for you to find the right touch with tour guides or travel agencies focusing on ecotourism and slow travel experiences.

Travel consulting is EUR 70 per hour, or tbd as mentioned in the pre-packaged tours. Please get in touch if you’d like to book.

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