Easter in Venice

How do Venetians celebrate Pasqua – Easter? Here’s our updated Guide to food, traditonal menus and Easter shopping in Venice. At first sight, Easter in Venice doesn’t seem so very different from other parts of Italy. There is the colomba – the all-Italian Easter cake. There are even Easter rabbits :-) as you can see in the picture … But then do take a closer look…

Christianity arrived to Venice not via Rome, but via Alexandria (Egypt) and the Eastern Roman Empire. Venice has always been looking East, and so its Easter rituals, cakes and food are of Levantine origin. There is this different heritage of Venice afer all, little known but worth exploring !!

For this Easter Week, I’m preparing a little blog series for you. You can explore two new posts on the blog here and two more in on La Spezeria, our Venetian Cooking School.

The Sweet Easter Breakfast in Venice. What is the Easter week like in Venice, which are the sweet treats you can expect, and we share culinary moodboards and tips for breakfast and brunch. Click here to read more.

Easter in Venice. Seven things you need to know about Easter in Venice and the Lagoon. Click here to read what a traditional Easter Feast is like here

And we do have a wonderful selection of sweet Easter breads in town. This article takes you to the Venetian Bakeries during Easter !

Easter Weekend & Shopping Guide to the Rialto Market. Online soon.

The Venetian Easter Week starts with Domenica delle Palme – Palm Sunday, but there will be a Via Crucis on Holy Friday and the Easter night celebrations like elsewhere in Italy. Here is the Easter Program in Venice for 2018.

Since the times of the Republic, various Easter processions have been taking place in town during the Holy Week. What’s left today is the Easter procession on Palm Sunday.  Starting at the Church of SM Formosa, the procession, led by the Patriarch, return to the Basilica, carrying olive twigs and palm leaves, to celebrate a mass service there.

Domenica di Pasqua – Easter Sunday in Venice means celebrating Easter Lunch or Brunch. On La Spezeria, our Cooking School and Recipe Journal, we will share a Family Easter Brunch Menu with you (coming soon).

Pasquetta – Easter Monday is a holiday in Italy on which we love to go on a scampagnata – which is spending a day outside in the sun (hopefully) and indulging in spring greens and seasonal food. Venetians usually spend the day on a Lagoon island or arrange a picnic on a beach in the Lagoon or at the Lido.